Velp Scientifica DLS Digital Overhead Stirrer F201A0155

Velp Scientifica DLS Digital Overhead Stirrer F201A0155
Brand: Velp Scientifica
Product Code: DLS
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DLS is a digital overhead stirrer for medium-low viscosity liquids. The technopolymer structure ensures optimum chemical resistance and enhanced handling, preventing any possible rust and being extremely light. The robust motor ensures years of continuous operation, with no extra costs for maintenance. DLS guides the user with an extremely bright and easy to read display.All the most important parameters, including set speed, real speed, torque and timer, are available at a glance. The operating time can be set up to 999:59 minutes, with automatic switch off. It is also equipped with an electronic system that keeps the stirring speed constant, even when liquid viscosity changes (counter-reaction). Includes overhead stirrer only - order support rod, clamp and stirring shaft separately. 

Capacity 25 Litre
Stirring Speed 50 to 2000 rpm
Torque 40 Ncm
Power 80 to 260VAC
Unit Dimensions 215 x 196 x 80 mm
Unit Weight 2.5 kg
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