Velp Scientifica AREX digital Digital Hotplate Stirrer SA20500411

Velp Scientifica AREX digital Digital Hotplate Stirrer SA20500411
Brand: Velp Scientifica
Product Code: AREX digital
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AREX Digital is designed to last and equipped to ensure maximum protection against leakages with the elevated front panel and dedicated run-off groove. The control panel is separated from the hot plate, this feature increases the safety rating during use and the durability of the instrument. AREX Digital can be programmed with a maximum safety temperature, useful for some particular applications that require not to exceed certain temperatures, and preventing unintentional heat up. In addition, a high temperature warning "Hot Plate Warning" is activated and remains displayed until the temperature of the plate has cooled to below 50°C. It is equipped with digital display to finely set and monitor the stirring speed and the temperature: when it is connected to an external probe, the temperature refers directly to the liquid.

Capacity 20 Litre
Stirring Position 1
Stirring Speed 100 to 1200 rpm
Temp. Range 50 to 370°C
Top-plate Dimensions & Material Ø 155 mm & aluminum ceramic
Power 230VAC / 110VAC
Unit Dimensions 165 x 115 x 280 mm
Unit Weight 2.6 kg
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