Ohaus ST20C-B Starter Conductivity Pen Meter

Ohaus ST20C-B Starter Conductivity Pen Meter
Brand: Ohaus
Product Code: ST20C-B
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- Measures Conductivity up to 1999 μS/cm, and Temperature
- Automatic Temperature Compensation
- Waterproof housing protects the meters in their working environment
- Push button operation, dual display, and auto-power off
- Includes meter, sensor, and batteries

Range Cond: 0 to 1999 μS
Resolution Cond: 1 μS
Accuracy Cond: ±1.5% Full Scale
Calibration Points Cond: 1 point
Temp. Range 0.0 to 50.0°C
Power 4 button cell batteries
Unit Dimensions 185 x 45 x 38 mm
Unit Weight 110 g
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