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Extech 44550 Pocket Hygro-Thermometer
Compact pocket Humidity/Temperature meter with Miin/Max readings ..
Extech 445580 Pocket Hygro-Thermometer
Compact pocket Humidity/Temperature meter with 0.1 resolution and Miin/Max readings ..
Extech 445703 Large Display Hygro-Thermometer
Large display Hygro-thermometer that provides simultaneous Humidity and Temperature m..
Extech 445814 Large Display Hygro-Thermometer with Alarn
Large display Hygro-thermometer that provides simultaneous Humidity, Dew-point and Te..
Extech 461700 PocketTach Mini Tachometer
- Non-contact rpm measurements up to 99999 rpm - Non-contact integral light beam with ideal measure..
Extech 461750 PocketTach Mini Tachometer
- Contact rpm and surface speed measurements up to 20'000 rpm - Surface wheels enable tachometer to..
Extech 461920 Mini Laser Photo Tachometer
- Laser light source used for greater accuracy and longer measuring distance - Make non-contact&nbs..
Extech 601100 Flat pH Electrode
Rugged, PVC-bodied pH electrode for solid products with minimal moisture contents; comes with 1..
Extech 60120B MIni pH Electrode
Rugged plastic-body general purpose, mini size glass bulb pH electrode; comes with 1m cable and..
Extech 601500 Standard pH Electrode
Rugged plastic-body general purpose, glass bulb pH electrode; comes with 1m cable and stor..
Extech 850188 Temperature Probe
Stainless steel ATC temperature probe for use with Extech pH meter; comes with 1m cable ..
Extech CG204 Coating Thickness Tester
- Automatic substrate recognition - Magnetic induction for ferrous substrates - Eddy current measu..
Extech CG204-REF Calibration References
Replacement calibration reference films for Extech CG204 coating thickness tester ..
Extech CL200 ExStik Chlorine Meter
- Measures Total Chlorine with 0.01 ppm detection - LCD display with analog bargraph - Result..
Extech CL203 ExTab Chlorine Reagent 100 Tablets
ExTab replacement Total Chlorine reagent tablet (100 tests) for Extech CL205 Chlorine mete..
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