Water Quality

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Horiba 7112 U-50 pH Sensor Module 3014057312
Replacement pH sensor module for use with Horiba U-50 series meters ..
Eutech pHTestr Sensor Module PHSENSOR03DJ
Replacement sensor module for use with Eutech pHTestr 10, 20 and 30 pH tester ..
Thermo Orion AQ3010 Turbidity Standards AC301S
Replacement Turbidity calibration standards for use with Orion AQ3010 Turbidity meter, pac..
Horiba U-5030 Hard Carrying Case 3200174772
Hard carrying case with compartments for use with Horiba U-50 series meter ..
Eutech TN 100 Turbidity Calibration Set TN100CALKIT
Primary calibration standards include set of 0.02, 20.0, 100, and 800 NTU (15 ml vial each); for use..
Thermo Orion Vial Cleaning Brush AC3CBR
Vials cleaning brushes, 10 pcs per pack; for use with AQ3010 Turbidity meter   ..
Eutech ATC Temperature Probe PH5TEM01P
Replacement ATC temperature probe is used for Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) if you have a..
Eutech TN 100 Calibration Standards TN100CALKIT
Replacement Turbidity calibration standards for use with Eutech TN 100 or Oakton T-100 Tur..
YSI 550A DO Membrane Kit 605306
Replacement DO membrane kit for use with YSI 550A, 556, DO200A, and Pro Series 2003 polarograph..
Thermo Orion Sample Vials AC3V25
Replacement 25 mm vials for Orion AQ3010 turbidity meter. Comes with indexing mark and&nbs..
YSI 550A DO Sensor 559
Easy user-replaceble sensor module (wtih screw-on cap membranes) for quick sensor replacements ..
Hach 2100 Turbidimeter Lamp Assembly 4653900
Replacement lamp assembly with leads for Hach 2100P and 2100Q Turbidimeter ..
Horiba Tester Batteries 2032100
- Replacement alkaline button cell batteries for Horiba testers - Comes in pack of 2 pcs ..
Thermo Orion Star Automatic Stirrer Probe 096019
Automatic solution stirring with direct control from Thermo Orion Star benchtop meters or 960 T..
Hach Sensor Cap For LDO Probe 5791100
Replacement sensor cap for Hach LDO dissolved oxygen probe ..
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